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Savannah Cat

Spidersweb Savannahs, a mother & son collaboration, is a very small T.I.C.A registered in-home cattery located in Southern Ontario, Canada, in the heart of Niagara's Wine Country.  We are committed to quality savannahs and produce only a few litters per year.  Our cats are first and foremost our pets.

Our goal is to work specifically on breed type, with particular focus on eye shape, earset/size/shape and leg length.  We also put a lot of emphasis on health and temperament, and spend a lot of time raising our kittens with socialization exercises and lots of love.

We have placed cats with breeding programs in Canada and the USA, as well as Norway and Sweden.  We are very interested in working with breeders around the world who are actively involved with the breed community and serious about the development of our unique breed.

Spidersweb Savannahs

St. Catharines